We clean your working environment with innovative high-performance biodegradable detergents.

Refinery Service

We understand that for oil or gas refineries, time means money. Shutting or cutting down the production for cleaning and decontamination purposes is not only inconvenient but potentially costly. At AGL, we have designed AvaSurf - specialized cleaning material for refinery cleaning services in order to minimize downtime and to tackle difficult cleaning problems efficiently.
AvaSurf is a perfect assistant in a broad range of applications in refineries (traditional cleaning, mechanical and deep cleaning, spraying, hydromechanical cleaning, degreasing before painting or a repair). It can be used in reactors, towers, pipes, storage and process tanks, storage, processors or transport equipment, on floors and constructions.


  • AvaSurf PS was designed for the removal of paraffinic sludge, hydrocarbon, asphaltic deposits from pipelines and storage tanks. Unique combination of components allows its penetration into the sludge layer and is easy rinsed off

  • AvaSurf HS is excellent at the removal of aged, stiff layers of organic residues. Alkaline pH boosts disintegration of layers

  • AvaSurf AS is optimal for cleaning oily surfaces, grease and organic residue. Also, it is an excellent cleaner for removing oil, grease, and resin from concrete floors

  • AvaSurf DG was developed as a liquid detergent for cleaning and degreasing varied industrial equipment and surfaces. Avasurf DG can be applied directly or added to the hydro-pressure washer


  • Excellent detergency performance and anti-corrosive protection

  • Energy and time saving-application

  • Highly biodegradable, does not contain any harmful or toxic compounds