We clean your working environment with innovative high-performance biodegradable detergents.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning generally means removing grease or oil-based dirt, vegetable oil-based dirt, hydrocarbons from various surfaces, floors, equipment, and infrastructure. This type of cleaning is widely used throughout many industrial and chemical facilities. AGL provides a unique know-how for these types of application and the most effective performance. The appropriate application method depends on the type of equipment or surface needs to be cleaned.


  • AvaSurf AS is optimal for the cleaning greasy surfaces, oil products (mineral oils, light or heavy fuel oil, diesel etc.), vegetable oil, and organic residues. It also is an excellent cleaner for removing oil, grease, and resin from concrete floors, construction, and equipment

  • AvaSurf PS was designed for easy removal of paraffinic sludge e.g. from pipelines and storage tanks. Neutral to slightly alkaline pH makes the cleaning product safe for aluminium, its alloys, and paints

  • AvaSurf DG was developed as a liquid detergent for cleaning and degreasing various industrial equipment and surfaces. Avasurf DG can be applied directly or added to the pressure washer


  • Excellent detergency performance and anti-corrosive protection

  • Efficient even in case of heavy soiling where other products fail

  • Energy and time-saving application