We clean your working environment with innovative high-performance biodegradable detergents.

AvaSurf PS

AvaSurf PS was formulated specifically for the cleaning of equipment in refineries and petrochemical industry. It efficiently penetrates the layer of deposits containing hydrocarbons and other compounds of petroleum origin, such as paraffinic tank bottom sludge. Therefore, it is used advantageously in the case of cleaning crude oil tanks, pipelines, and other equipment used for transport, storage and processing of crude oil. AvaSurf PS is safe for aluminium and its alloys and also for most of the paints.

Surfactants mixture – anionic, nonionic, amphoteric surfactants, alkaline (pH), stabilizer

AvaSurf is a unique product for the degreasing and cleaning of various surfaces with high cleaning performance, as well as being safe and economic. It contains a mixture of biodegradable anionic surfactants and special additives, which ensure excellent cleaning performance and corrosion protection after the cleaning process. It is a user and eco-friendly product, so it offers significant advantages in both handling and application.


  • Great detergency performance and anti-corrosive protection
  • Easy application, no requirements for special equipment
  • High cold-water solubility, solvent-free product
  • Eco-friendly, highly biodegradable product
  • Economic and time-effective application