We clean your working environment with innovative high-performance biodegradable detergents.
E-sports still makes less money than hockey or football, but its pace is impressive. In the US, in 2016, the online gaming industry can earn $ 500 million, Esportzbet predicts. In the world, revenue is even greater. Top tournaments are watched by tens of millions of people. Industry companies make serious investments: Virtus.pro, for example, received $ 100 million from Alisher Usmanov. A small American startup with the speaking name unikrn esports betting (unicorn, from the English unicorn, called startups with an estimate of $ 1 billion or more) is also trying to start making money on this trend: it helps its users to bet on the results of key cyber tournaments. Despite the fact that the company is not legally entitled to provide bookmaker services in the USA, it has already attracted money from well-known investors. On one of the August days of 2016 at KeyArena Stadium, Seattle's main concert venue, the full house was no less than at Adele and Kanye West concerts. But all 17,000 seats were occupied not by music lovers and fashion designers, but by gamers - fans of the Dota 2 computer game. They came to see the finals of The International Dota 2 Championship. Everyone paid $ 75-100 for a ticket. Two teams of five people sat on stage in soundproof booths; their game was broadcast on huge screens. The prize fund of the tournament was $ 20.4 million. 16 teams from the USA, Great Britain, South Korea and China fought for them. The first place and $ 8.9 million were received by the Chinese Wings Gaming. The championship finals were watched by 20 million viewers around the world - almost the same audience as the game for first place in the National Basketball League. In 2017, the number of fans of e-sports is almost equal to the number of fans of American football, Raul Sud believes. He knows what he is talking about. In November 2014, Raul and partner Carl Flores founded the startup Unikrn, a bookmaker company that allows you to bet on the outcome of e-sports tournaments.


Regular cleaning of technological facilities, as well as remediation of oil spills, can be costly and time demanding with a significant economic impact. On the other hand, insufficient cleaning and maintenance can lead to the risk of accidents, production outages, and a threat to the environment.
AGL Environment brings an efficient solution to the cleaning of storage tanks, oil rigs, wellheads, platforms, pipelines and another infrastructure. AvaSurf detergents were designed to allow easy removal of crude oil, refined petroleum products (such as gasoline or diesel) and their by-products. Heavier fuels such as bunker fuel or waste oil, residual fractions, and sludges. AvaSurf detergents are also highly efficient at mitigations of release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment. Besides excellent cleaning efficiency, AvaSurf detergents offer high biodegradability and easy application.


  • AvaSurf HS is excellent at the removal of aged, stiff layers of petroleum and other organic residues

  • AvaSurf AS is powerful in food manufacturing and household equipment cleaning from frying, grilling and cooking organic residues.

  • AvaSurf PS was designed for easy removal of paraffinic sludge from pipelines and storage tanks
  • AvaSurf SD is unique for the cleaning and degreasing of equipment, floors, and other surfaces from fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, residues and even bitumen.

  • AvaSurf SD-B is designed for the cleaning and degreasing of equipment, floors, and other surfaces from fuel oil, heavy fuel oil residues. It’s a softer version of AvaSurf SD, without aromatic solvent.

  • AvaSurf DG is suitable for regular cleaning and degreasing of equipment, floors, and other surfaces


  • Eco-friendly, highly biodegradable products

  • Efficient, even in case of heavy soiling where other products fail

  • Safe and easy application